brass tube and condenser tubes

Brass Tubes C230 C260 C272

Outside Diameter Wall Thickness
0.394’’-0.866’’ 0.031''-0.039’’
0.392’’-1.378’’ 0.040’’-0.059’’
0.433’’-1.772’’ 0.060’’-0.079’’
0.590’’-1.417’’ 0.080’’-0.099’’
1.181’’-1.417’’ 0.100’’-0.118’’

Condenser Tubes C443 C706 C715 C687

Outer Diameter Wall Thickness
0.250’’-3.000’’ 0.028’’-0.288’’ (Average or Min Wall)
* Length: Per customer request

Packaging Wooden Cases, 1,000 lbs net product weight
Properties Brass tubes – per ASTM B135
Condenser tubes – per ASTM B111/ASTM SB111
Tolerance Per ASTM B251
Please inquire about special specifications, sizes and material grades